Top Five Reasons Why Teachers Should Start Their Own Online Business

Are you a stressed out, underpaid teacher? Do you wish you could make more money with a lot less stress while still feeling the satisfaction of helping others? Here are the five top benefits of starting your own online business.1. A Safer, More Relaxed EnvironmentLet’s face it – teachers work in a stressful environment. We never know what to expect when we walk into our classroom, much less the school building. At any time, we may need to deal with a tough situation involving a student, another faculty member, or an administrator. Some things are manageable, but others are downright scary. Last year, there was a shooting at the school where I used to teach in New York City. There were also several stabbings at the school where I work now in New Jersey. Of course, to some, dealings with administrators are even more frightful. These are things you do not need to deal with when you own your own online business. You can work from home, or anywhere you feel safe and comfortable.2. More SupportTeachers often do not receive the support they require to do their jobs well. Some schools do not have enough books and supplies for every class. Classes are oversized and almost impossible to manage (especially for new, inexperienced teachers). In some schools, administrators make it a point to harass teachers, rather than support them in their mission to educate the young. An good online business is different. Support is available from a mentor who wants you to succeed, and from expert marketers who make millions online. There is no “shortage” of supplies, because most things you need to run the business are already on your home computer.3. Doing Things Your WaySo you got your BA? Your MA? MS Ed? PhD? Tough! As a teacher, you still have to do what your principal and administrators say, no matter how nonsensical it is, and no matter how different it is from what you know to be true. As an online business owner, you get to call the shots. You get to do things your way; the way that you know makes sense.4. Higher Pay. Much Higher Pay. Do I need to say it? Teachers do not get paid well. The highest-paid teacher I know has taught for over 30 years and still makes less than six figures a year. With the right online business, you have a potential to make over $250K your first year. That’s over twenty thousand dollars per month. How much do you make as a teacher, and after how many years? Couldn’t you use more money?5. Greater Job SatisfactionThe one thing that probably keeps teachers coming back for more every year is the extreme amount of job satisfaction we get from teaching. This is why it is so hard to quit teaching and move on to something more lucrative. What’s good about an online business is that you can continue doing whatever it is you are doing while building a solid base. Eventually, you can begin training others and helping them to succeed and make millions. That’s what I call greater job satisfaction. The nice thing is, you never need to quit teaching; an online business that has been set up can practically run itself – while you sleep, or while you teach.If you love teaching but need a positive change, it may be time for you to consider starting an online business. For best results, unless you are an experienced online marketer, do your research and find a business that provides sufficient support and training. With the right tools, every teacher can become a successful online business owner.