Auto Insurance in United Kingdom

It is compulsory in the United Kingdom to have auto insurance if you want to drive a car. If you are liable for the consequences of an accident the UK auto insurance will pay for damage or loss and compensation due to other person. Though auto insurance costs rises, it still rather competetive market and you can save money on your auto insurance premium in different ways.The minimum legal amount of auto insurance required for driving a car in the UK is Third Party Only (TPO).Though many auto insurance companies no longer offer this type of cover. There are many factors that can decrease or increase your auto insurance premiums and some UK auto insurance providers are cheaper in different ways.For example, some auto insurance providers insure only women drivers because accordingly to statistics they are less to make claims, some will insure only if you have over 40% No Claims Discount, some specialise in convicted drivers and young drivers. Minimizing a risk to the UK auto insurance provider is another factor to consider when you apply for car insurance.Auto insurance providers take into consideration all risks, such as the type of car, the type of driver, the amount of vehicles stolen from an area,their driving history in order to calculate the “risk”. Often mileage is considered by auto insurance providers when they calculate the costs of your insurance premium.If you keep your car off the road at night you’ll reduce the risk of making a claim for violence or vandalism, theft and so on. Of course, there are many other factors which you can’t change so easy and they affect your auto insurance premiums []. Among them there are age, sex, postcode, and even your profession. All of them can influence the cost of your auto insurance. Most of the companies are much like bookmakers. The car insurance company basically takes a gamble based on carefully analysed statistics. Read more about auto insurance in UK here